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 Sober Living Homes Offer a Second Chance at Life For You To Be Free from Every Addiction

     Our faith based Christian sober living homes, halfway houses, Independent living, transitional homes providing our guests with compassionate and faith-based programs for battling substance and alcohol abusive behavioral patterns.


We offer you with a Christ Centered faith based comprehensive treatment, counseling, life skills training through our faith based education and church support system. Are you ready. Celebrate a sober and free life, we're here for you now!

Faith Based Counseling * Treatment Programs * Life Skills Training

Faith Based Recovery: How to Make Christ-like Choices


Our Christian out patient sober living homes provide you a variety of life skills, but our primary goals is to help clients remain free from addiction and allow clients to become more Christ-like in their daily thoughts and behaviors. Life skills addressed in the Sober Homes America residential program include:


  • Admitting the need for addiction help.
  • Learning how to say no to drugs, alcohol and other worldly habits.
  • Taking recovery one step at a time.
  • Learning to make decisions without the influence of peer pressure.
  • Communicating in healthy ways with family and friends.
  • Understanding personal boundaries and learning to protect them.
  • Seeing oneself through the eyes of Christ.
  • Abandoning unhealthy thought patterns that lead to addiction.
  • Reconnecting with God through prayer and scripture reading.
  • Repairing relationships broken by addiction.


Renew Your Life With Faith-Based Rehab


If you or someone you love is facing the pain and devastation of substance abuse, don’t give up. Our team can help you get your life back on track by teaching you to reconnect with God and discover His unique will for your life. Contact us today to stay clean and sober and celebrate a full life in Christ.

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